Using newspapers to soak excessive oil from food is a bad idea!


When we cook fried food, what’s the first thing that we do? Soak the oil.

What do we use in order to to do that? A newspaper, of course!

What if we tell you that this is exactly where you’re going wrong? Newspapers are the worst things you can use to absorb excessive oil from fried foods.

If you’ve been doing that for a long time, change your habit, but do run a few health checkups to to avoid any potential health risks.

This would be a wise decision, because chemical solvents in newspapers can get transmitted to food, which can pose serious threats to your health.

Below are a few conditions which you’ll be at a risk of, if you continue using newspapers as blotting papers:

1. Cancer:The ink that is used on newspapers is harmful and can get absorbed into the food and pose a risk to your health. Chemical solvents in the ink can easily get passed on to the food.

2. Effect on lungs and kidneys:Newspapers also contain graphite and if ingested, can make your body incapable of eliminating toxicants or their metabolites through excretion. It may in fact, keep accumulating and lead to problems related to lungs and kidneys.

3. Digestive health and hormones:The chemical solvents come into play again when your digestive health and hormones are concerned. Hormonal imbalances and and digestive issues could occur.

What can be used instead:To absorb or soak excessive oil from fried foods, you can either use tissue paper or kitchen paper towels. If you must, use plain white paper instead of newspapers.