Unscheduled Garbage Dumped In Ludhiana Cause Pollution And Unhealthy Environment

cow protection has been a important issue in our daily life. cows that eats plastic and not the healthy food are under nourished. Cows on the roads are the big hazard as it can harm anyone and even to them selves. in the situation of harming them-self. the big task afterwards is to handle them for the first aid. as they get out of control.

The question here is as per the rules no person is allowed to keep cow in the city area but still people are keeping. and after the major concern is they are not providing the proper nourished meal to cow and even leave them openly which results cows to have open dumped plastic. and eating this plastic or any sort of garbage results in the bad health. cows that eat plastic and do not eat healthy food are not able to give milk.

They die quickly as they are under nourished and vulnerable to diseases which is why people abandon them on the roads. the cows who are not able to produce milk are meant to be kept in the Gaushalla where they feed them fodder and have a constant supply of water which the cows on the roads do not get. Stray animals especially cows end up eating the garbage dumped around the place which also includes harmful substances like polythene.