UCPMA Meeting for Exempt to Continuation Certificate from PPCB

UCPMA Meeting for Exempt to Continuation Certificate from PPCB

LUDHIANA– Today Under the leadership of S. Inderjit Singh Navyug (President of UCPMA) held a meeting regarding for Requirement of continuation certificate from Municipal Corporation or Glada for Mix Land Use Area of Ludhiana should be abolished for renewal of consent from Punjab Pollution Control Board at UCPMA Office, Ludhiana.

S. Inderjit Singh Navyug Said that according to master plan notification which was passed on 12.09.2008 for Ludhiana, the area has been classified as Industrial Area & mix land use area where industries, as well as residence, are there at one place. According to Master Plan, there are 72 Mohalas in Ludhiana which has been declared as Mix Land Use Area. In this area, the industries were allowed to run till 2018. After 2018 their industries were to shift to an industrial area where the Government will allow the area. So the industries which were running in Mix Land Use Area were given consent to Operate from Punjab Pollution Control Board till 2018. But now as all the industries of Mix Land use area consent to operate will expire in 2018. Now again your department will ask them to provide continuation certificate from designated authority. The Government of Punjab has already provided the new notification. NO.34-leg./2016 the following Act of the legislature of the state of Punjab received the assent of the Governor of Punjab on the 18th day of October 2016 is hereby published for general information that “In the Punjab Regional and town planning and development Act 1995, section 79 of the proviso thereunder for the words “Ten Years” the “Fifteen Years” should be substituted.

From the above points, it is clear that the industries can sustain in Mix Land use area till 2022. If the Government of Punjab has already done the extension for industries in Mix Land Use Area then why Punjab Pollution Control Board is not obeying the notification from Government of Punjab and why they are giving consent to operate till 2018 only. After the expiry of consent, those industries which are lying in mix land use area has to apply for renewal of consent. Based on this notification the Pollution Department can renew the consent for Industries which are lying in Mix Land Use Area further without asking for continuation certificate from designed authority.

Sh. Pardeep Wadhawan said that it is a humble request from your good self that please abolish this particular document (Continuation Certificate from designated authority) for the industries who will apply for renewal of Consent to operate in mix land use area. Circulate the notification to the concerned officials who are looking after the Mix Land Use and tell them not to ask for continuation certificate for renewal cases. By abolishing this documents the industrialist will feel relieved as they don’t have to waste their time for obtaining this certificate and their money will also save

Among this meeting were present S. Rajinder Singh Pappu, S. Rajinder Singh Sarhali, Sh. Achhru Ram Gupta, Sh. Rajesh Kumar (Enjoy Bikes) etc…