Dhiyan Di Lohri Celebrated at College Premises in Ludhiana

Ludhiana – Toady Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana celebrated‘DhiyanDi Lohri’commemorate the birth of girl child to three faculty members Dr. Jaya Batra,Dr. Ekta Mehta and Ms. Simarpreet Kaur with a lot of exuberance and fanfare. The celebration of function started with lighting up the bonfire by madam principal Dr. Naginder Kaur along with faculty members as a symbol of burning the laziness, sins, and vises of past year.Students of the college presented a cultural program in which students sing the folk songs like sunder munderiye, Dhulla Bhatti wala and also performed gidha and folk dance of Punjab.The mood on the campus was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri.

Dr. Naginder Kaur, Principal of the college expressed her views with the hope that the coming year would bring happiness in the lives of the students and teachers as well. She emphasized that Lohri festival prompts people to be thankful for God’s provision and also encouraged teachers to play a vital role to keep the tradition and culture alive in our festivities and not follow the western culture blindly.