22-year-old woman raped repeatedly for 4 days, Police arrested the accused


Rape Case

In the rape capital of India- Delhi, another heinous case of molestation and gang-rape has come forward when a 22-year-old was raped for 4 days. As per the information, the victim was from Uttar Pradesh who ran away from her place due to family problems and took a train for Delhi. On reaching Nizamuddin, she took a rickshaw ride til Lajpat Nagar, Delhi where she started interacting with a tea stall owner. During the discussion, the tea stall lady promised her to help her find a job and offered her to stay at her place for some time.

In her statement, she said after agreeing to stay, she went to that lady’s house where she was raped by her sons time and again. For the next four days, she was molested severely by both the brothers but after four days she found a way to escape. After escaping, she directly went to their neighbours and called the police to file a complaint. After filing the complaint under Section 376D, 377 and 506, the police has also arrested both the brothers residing in the Amar colony and is searching for more pieces of evidence to help her bring justice.