5 unknown facts about Ludhiana

5 unknown facts about Ludhiana

First Sikh War

FIRST SIKH WAR- Ludhiana the Manchester of India also happens to be the site of a great battle of First Sikh War(1845). The battle was between Sikh empire and east India company which led to a partial control of the Sikh kingdom by the British. It was this Sikh war, which for the first time added the whole Punjab to British India territory and the fall of the Sikh Empire. Maharajah Ranjit Singh was also part and parcel of this war.

Lodhi-FortFOUNDATION OF LUDHIANA- Ludhiana was found in 1480. Earlier the name of the city was Lodhiana, which is combination of two words lodhi the name of nawab and ana is it’s places. It was named after the Lodhi prince from Delhi who founded the place. Also, Lodis dynasty ruled Delhi from 1451 to 1526.

ADDITION OF VEHICALS- Ludhiana being a most populated city of Punjab. It is sustaining a population of almost 2million people. Ludhiana has got the highest per capital vehicles in India. Every 3 months more than 10000 vehicles are added in the city and amount of pollution that is being added with it is immeasurable. No wonder odd even rule may hit Ludhiana really soon.

Tax Collection
HIGHEST CONTRIBUTOR OF TAX- Being a hub of textile, automobile, steel industry etc. Ludhiana has the highest contribution in collection of taxes in Punjab. Different material made in Ludhiana is not only being exported to other states but also being sent internationally. This year on 24th July, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Ludhiana along with prominent tax payer companies celebrated Income Tax Day.

Five unknown facts about Ludhiana
PROMINENT LEADERS- Land of Ludhiana also gave birth to lot of prominent leaders. Among them, some were Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar Kartar Singh Saraba, Baba Santa Singh and Maulana Habibur Rehman. Ludhiana has contributed five chief ministers, namely Bhim Sen Snahan, Justice Gurnam Singh, Gian Singh Rarewala, Lachaman Singh Gill and Beant Singh.