Borvo Care – A unique healthcare service company launched in Ludhiana

Mr. Jasvanth Singh based in Australia was constantly worried about his mother living alone in India. Although they have relatives staying near his mother, but managing her health had always been difficult till the time he came to know about Borvo Care. Borvo Care is a newly launched healthcare service company in Ludhiana that helps individuals and their family members to lead a happy and healthy life. Using services from this company has helped not only his mother to lead a healthy life but also giving Mr Jasvanth the peace of mind he wanted, by providing him with regular updates of his mother and wellness services on request. “Borvo” is the god of health and mineral, an apt name for the company that wants to be the center point for all your wellness needs.

Borvo Care provides services focused in 5 wellness areas surrounding us – lifestyle, social, mind, body and health, at the comfort of our home and compliments it with regular follow-ups to track progress and motivate you to do better. The founder of the company Vikramaditya, Australian based NRI, first hand witnessed people struggling to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy due to lack of time and information, and he wondered if there was a better way. The fact that India has, unfortunately, become the ugly capital of the world for various illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory diseases,etc has put him on a mission to change India’s image in the world and make it a global example for healthcare and wellness services.

“We do health, mind and body assessments of our clients and create a custom yearly plan while providing the services at home. This helps us to cater with a very focused and individual service, as each one of us is unique and has varied needs” Ms. Hina Kumar, regional manager in Borvo Care explains how the company working with its customers. Recently launched in Ludhiana the company is growing rapidly and have established many tie-ups with various hospitals and doctors, grooming services, dieticians, yoga and fitness trainers in the city to provide a complete set of tailored services needed to keep their clients.

healthy and happy. “Though the initial focus was to serve NRIs and their family members in
India, surprisingly we found that there is a growing domestic demand for our services from

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