Action taken by Modi has been more for political gains – Sheila Dikshit

Modi Vs Sheela dikshitThe super-sensitive and most-asked question of this year is that “Is air strike a response to end Terrorism or a political gain by Modi?” people everywhere are confused about the same and has been asking such questions every now and then. Putting a light on the above, Former Chief Minister and Head of the Congress Unit Delhi Sheila Dikshit made a startling statement in her recent interview about the air strike.

In her recent conversation, when asked about the actions, she said that it was difficult for the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to conduct such acts as he was not as tough on Pakistan and Terror, whereas Narendra Modi is tougher. However, she also claimed that the action taken by PM Narendra Modi is more of political gains. Well, what is cooking up inside nobody can ever get to know! With Lok Sabha Elections coming around in a month, the dogfight between BJP and Congress is going in full swing. Let’s see who will win and who will be trying their luck next time?