Alchemy Tutorials – The Inspiring Journey

The Journey

Alchemy Tutorials as the name suggests has been helping students achieve their dreams; and all those, who have been a product of Alchemy; have reached heights of success. Alchemy Tutorials is one of the premium institutions of Ludhiana, located at Kitchlu Nagar, Main Market. The man behind the success of Alchemy is Mr. Pradeep and his journey is one of a kind.

He was in college, working hard to prove his mettle in B.Sc. Non-Medical in 2002; since then he has been into teaching. The journey of Alchemy Tutorials started with a small room at his residence, where he taught about 5-7 students from Grade 9 to 12. He toiled to teach the students to the best of his ability and his hard work was paying off with the results his students got. As the number of students grew, there was a need for a bigger space; hence by God’s Grace; Mr. Pradeep took a room on rent near Shiv Mandir and started teaching math to the students. By and by, the number of students went to 70; in one class; which showed the fondness of the students for Pradeep Sir and his Math. There were times when there was no place for the students to sit in one room but their eagerness to study from Pradeep Sir, got them to adjust, however. He was juggling between his M.Sc. in Math and his love for teaching.

Pradeep Sir had now known his love for teaching and the desire he had to make his students crack all the difficult entrance exams of the Science stream. By 2010, he started teaching near KVM as well; and then was the time when he had to manage; the classes near Shiv Mandir and near KVM. Then he felt that there was a need to work in the market so that he could be more approachable and could impart his knowledge to more number of students. Then, it was his hard work, commitment, and perseverance that Alchemy Tutorials was brought to Kitchlu Nagar main Market and stood out;  giving the best results.

Teaching Under One Roof

The center at Kitchlu Nagar has other esteemed teachers who teach subjects other than math so that students get everything under one roof. The institution is known to give results in IIT Mains, IIT Advance, BITSAT, KVPY, AIIMS, and NEET. The students have received many accolades in Grade 11 and 12 after studying from this institution.

Goals and Aspirations

Talking about the future plans and goals; the makers of Alchemy Tutorials said, ‘ We want the students to get the best education and in a fair way so that we help students achieve their dreams. Therefore, we plan to set up an academy in Chandigarh so that we become approachable for more number of students.’

Also; Mr. Pradeep wants to start free classes for the ones’ who cannot afford the expensive education.

The journey for Alchemy has been great and it is a long road which has to be walked on to accomplish the goals.


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