An Eye-candy for Ludhiana Citizens

When we hear the word Ice cream, it creates a delusion of its different aroma, taste, cream and the variety of colours. Though there are a few places for local youth to release there stress and worries yet the Ice Cream Studio tops the charts. A box for the sweet lovers, not big in quantity, but provides you with good quality. The decorum of the place is sure to attract you. The Ice- Cream Studio in 13 B, Malhar Cinema Road, Opp. Flamez Mall, Sarabha Nagar, is surely an eye candy for the citizens of Ludhiana. It is a place to gossip and to hang out with friends, family as well as elders, filled with ice cream lovers all day long. A great place to party and reasonable rates are its positives. A person can easily find its friends or schoolmates roaming, and it has been arranged in a way so that it suits the requirements of its valuable customers.  A place with good music, excellent lighting and images and a subtle way for the old aged to relive their life.

Let me tell you my experience with this wonderful place. When, I visited there with my mother, the way it is presented. I thought that it would prove to be an expensive bet. But for the first time, my mother also agreed with my decision. Firstly, my Mother loves to save money, so; taking my Mother out of the house was not at all easy and then, getting her approval is like getting a like from God on my profile picture. ..You know, what I mean right.

So coming back to the point, we ordered a sundae worth Rs.200 and got the services equivalent to Rs.400. Seriously, one cannot forget the perks of visiting a place which looks mesmerizing and also provides you with maximum satisfaction. Her love for the sundae could be seen in her eyes. Although, our stomachs were full yet we were craving for more. But our tummies were not allowing us and we had the best moments of our life there. So, these simple moments mean a lot to us. Moreover, I would like to recommend this place to each one of you so that you could enjoy your yummy-licious scoop of ice-cream this summer.

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