Another 16 year old Ludhiana girl got accused of sexual harassment

Gang Rape

Ludhiana – Recently a 21-year-old girl got raped in Isewal village of Ludhiana district of Punjab and there is constant updates viral on social media regarding identification or arrest of culprits by police but yet the people do not fear.

Another girl got accused of Sexual Harassment,

A 16-year-old girl of Ludhiana was traveling to Delhi by train but unknowingly she took the wrong train and reached Firozpur to Jalandhar and then to Amritsar.

A small little innocent girl of Ludhiana reached Amritsar alone and there she asked one auto rickshaw driver for assistance to reach Delhi. The driver first understood the situation but was not an innocent man.

Seeing that she is not knowing anyone in the city Amritsar is from Ludhiana and unknowingly taking the wrong train came to Amritsar. She is a small girl and taking advantage of the situation he first made the girl talk and roam in the city.

When the darkness turned he took the girl near to the bus station saying to go Ludhiana by bus.

The intentions weren’t real as shown to the girl. At the bus station, a friend of rickshaw driver of Amritsar was present. Both the culprits then took the girl in a hotel room and sexually harassedg her.

Further, thereafter, they made the girl leave for Ludhiana from Amritsar.