Are the Colleges in Ludhiana not good enough?

The biggest names of Colleges in Ludhiana are Government College, Panjab Agricultural University (P.A.U), and Ludhiana College of Engineering & Technology, Katani Kalan, Malwa College and PCTE Baddowal yet, students of Ludhiana migrate to other big cities in search of good education, which is a shame for our city. Students of Ludhiana prefer to study in big cities like Chandigarh, Amritsar, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai to name a few or Abroad. The probable reasons are good facilities, infrastructure, and better salary packages. Are they the only reasons? I think the reasons are different. Let’s see below:

Parental Pressure

These days, parents want their kids to excel in everything. Basically, they want the best of both worlds and if the parents don’t see the opportunities here in Ludhiana then, I think Ludhiana’s Colleges are lacking somewhere. Despite having so many Colleges, parents still want their wards to go abroad even if the students want or not, they have to obey their parents.

Peer Pressure

Friends and circle of the students, play a great role in the theatre of their lives. They try to follow their friends everywhere and this decision can relate to their future as well.

Society Pressure


The society of Ludhiana also has a set mindset that they don’t find their city good enough to produce Graduates or Post-graduates. A city which is known as an Industrial Hub, still sometimes doesn’t get efficient or talented individuals.


People in Ludhiana think that students can only get a better education by studying in Abroad or getting knowledge in Metro cities. But if you analyze, only a few of them get good jobs with high packages and others live on their fate.

Attractive packages

Rosary packages, which look good from outside, and are different from inside, but there lies a deep coating inside them of taxes and GST’s. These are the marketing strategies, which companies use to attract cheap labor to their respective countries.

So, it is advisory for the Parents do not follow others blindly and should think before taking any decisions. As it will only effect there ward’s life and if you like this article, please like and share it with your valued peers.


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