Beating China in the race this country becomes the first country to launch 5G

5G Network

Winning the fierce competition, South Korea has launched a 5G network first in the world. As per the information, top 3 companies SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus began their 5G services at 11 pm on Wednesday which was expected to start from April 5th 2019.

America, China, Japan and South Korea were racing in the field to introduce the network in which South Korea aced and claimed the title of being the “First country to launch 5G.” Verizon, America’s largest telecom company, has also decided to initiate the service in Chicago and Minneapolis which will work on Moto smartphones in the initial stage. Within a matter of 2 hours, South Korea changed the entire game by introducing a 20 times faster and smoother network to the world.