Have a bed time routine

When we think about bedtime routine it might sound as if we are talking about some school going students but in reality, this is a must for every individual. According to a number of studies, it is quite important to have a bedtime routine for proper relaxation of your body.  But following a nightly routine doesn’t mean curling up with a good book and mug of warm milk. It is actually avoiding those activities during your whole day which obstructs your good night’s sleep.

Avoiding consumption of certain drinks

When we go off to bed we might not be consuming anything but still, we don’t feel sleepy. In that situation, you need to cut out certain drinks few hours before you go to bed. In the case of caffeine, you need to stop consuming it six hours before you go to sleep. So if you are among those who sleep at 10.00 pm then don’t have tea or coffee after 4.00 pm. Even for, alcohol you need to stop drinking three hours before you go to sleep. It is quite important otherwise you will disturb your schedule and your nexy day will turn out to be a lazy one.

Certain other activities to be take care off

It is very important to take care of small things for a healthy life. So to have good night sleep have food at least 2- 3 hours before you go to sleep. It will be properly digested.  Nowadays technology is quite important and we people are glued to it. But this is not right. Atleast an hour before you go to sleep, you should stop using all the electronic mediums. Just switch them off or put it on side as your mind needs time to relax and calm down. Even if you are reading a book or studying, stop doing it an hour before you lay down on the bed.

Thus to conclude having a bedtime routine is quite important to have a healthy life.

So start practicing these habits and experience a healthy living.




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