Black days of Punjab started again!


Last few days must make the Punjab citizens aware of what’s coming next. Punjab “Guru’an di Dharti” heart of India’s Sikh community witnessed so much so it is high time now to be aware, to be faithful, and to be loyal to the religion.

With the scenarios remaining same of murders, cruelty, illegal activities like rape or drink and drugs will turn the state of Punjab into a zero population state as there are two parameters developing subsequently in the state.

First of all, there are persons who are increasing the number of crime undertaking all kinds of illegal activities in hand be it the bribe or murder or sexual assaulting of girl. There is no safety for girls they are being harmed either by family or eve-teasing of boys. If the girls say something they are only the victims.

On one side the girls are harmed while on another side they are harming the society, community, and religion as a whole. As there are many young Punjabi girls who have undertaken drinking habits with forgetting the rituals and religious activities assigned by Sikh Guru’s. Khalsa was established by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji as they knew what’s coming next on the way of Punjab.

The black days of Punjab started again. As happened earlier with the Gurus who sacrificed themselves as well as their family’s lives for good are returning. 1984’s situations when a lot of illegal activities against Punjabi have happened seems to return that will leave the state with only animals and forests.

Second of all, there are persons who are adopting the right scenarios. The person who not even belong to the Sikh community understands its importance much more than who actually belong to the community.

Youths are getting practical and thereby as it is rightly said, “Truth always wins” the right will win and once for a while either the conditions will improve for Punjab or all being true to themselves will leave the state and will migrate to another state or country like its already happening people are switching to either Canada or Australia or New Zealand, England or other countries.

What do you think to happen?