Cake Mixing Ceremony celebrated at Hotel in Ludhiana

Park Plaza at Ludhiana is all set to celebrate the Christmas cake mixing ceremony. The cake mixing ceremony is an event that heralds the festive season and captures the spirit of New Year. Marking the beginning to the festive season, Park Plaza, Ludhiana will celebrate this age-old traditional Christmas cake mixing ceremony.

The event will be celebrated with great camaraderie as the participants will roll up their sleeves and mix the huge piles of black currants, cashew nuts, red cherries, figs, dry apricots, candied ginger and orange peels, almonds, prunes, raisins, walnut and spices of ground cinnamon, cardamom and cloves used in the cake. The mixing will reach a spirited level after bottles of whisky, white and dark rum, vodka, gin, wine, beer and honey syrup will be added.