Can a diabetic person eat litchis?


Can a diabetic person eat litchis

Summers are here and its raining Litchis in the market. The sweet and juicy fruit is one of the top favourites. Apart from it being flavoursome, Litchis are an excellent source of Vitamin C which boosts your immunity. The water content in the fruit helps in hydration. This fruit has good amounts of potassium and copper which prevent blood pressure spikes and helps in smooth blood circulation. Apart from this, Litchis are a good source of magnesium and phosphorous which work well for your bones.

When it comes to the people who are diabetic, it is okay to consume litchi in moderate quantity and according to the dietary guidelines of a dietician. The fruit has sugar content which does not need insulin for metabolism. Eating litchi in excessive amounts will definitely your problem but when taken it limited quantity, it will not harm even diabetic patients.

So, churn them into ice cream or make litchi milkshake or create tropical fruit salads- litchi is a super fruit you need to get your hands on this summer.