Citizens Should Act Responsibly to Prevent Road Accidents

Traffic Rule Disobeying

Ludhiana – In cities, road accidents are common. Often due to poor driving or badly maintained roads and highways, these accidents occur. Every day, newspapers are filled with many accident cases. Everybody always drives their vehicles in a hurry. Nobody takes traffic rules and signals seriously. People don’t follow the rules. They don’t like to stop at red signals. In fact, they always jump the red light just to escape from a bad traffic jam. Underage driving is the most common reason. Lives are lost by underage drivers, who drive the vehicles of their parents or relatives on the roads. They drive in hurry and with full speed.

They don’t have knowledge about traffic rules and road safety guidelines. But still, their parents allow them to go for the joyride or give them personal vehicles for going to coaching classes and many other purposes. Teens these days take it as a status symbol. They flaunt their expensive vehicles on roads by driving on high speeds and performing stunts along with their friends. This is very bad and unethical practices done by parents and children both. Parents should know about the rules and regulations and they should follow it seriously. They shouldn’t give the vehicles to the underage children. They should teach their children about road safety and other rules carefully and motivate them to follow the rules and regulations completely.Even school authorities and other institutes should strictly follow the rule of not allowing teens and underage students to come on personal vehicles.

They should keep a check on it to make sure that no underage student should bring their own vehicle. If anyone is found guilty, then strict action should be taken against them. Parents should know what all things are good for their children and for themselves as well. Before giving a vehicle to their children, they should think of whether it is ethical or unethical. Traffic police should keep a check on it. They can also give training of road safety measures to people. Road safety programs, seminars, and workshops should be conducted in the city to aware and educate the people. There should be strict rules and punishments for offenders. Being elder and responsible, we as citizens should not break the rules and set a good example for others as well.