Clock Tower, The Ghanta Ghar

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Back in time Clock tower was considered to be a milestone achieved by British. It was made to mark the occasion of the silver jubilee of Queen Victoris’s reign. Municipal chief engineer of Amritsar and John Gordon designed this historic tower. The construction began in year 1862, but it was officially inaugurated in the year 1906 by Sir Charles Montgomery, the then Lt. Governor of Punjab along with Diwan Tek Chand. It is completely designed in the traditional European Gothic style and contructed with red bricks.

Earlier there were few names given to this tower, which were “Victoria Memorial Clock Tower” and “Bhagwan Mahavir Clock Tower”.

According to early 20th century, Ghanta Ghar used to be the center of the city. Due to its proximity it was hub of activities, but now left as red brick building, blocking the roads which are already cramped up. According to general public, it is more of a problem than it being prestigious and heritage sites. It is a shame that the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has not invested more in the city’s historic sites and made more of these places.