Do’s and Don’ts for Diwali pooja.

Diwali Pooja


  • Before starting Diwali Pooja, make sure your house is properly cleaned.
  • Pooja area should always be set in north-east direction and while doing Pooja, all the members of the family should sit facing towards north.
  • Number of diyas filled with ghee should be in the count of 11,21,51.
  • Diyas should be arranged in the group of four denoting Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kuber, Lord Indra.
  • Diwali Pooja should always start with the worship of Lord Ganesha.
  • Food cooked for Diwali pooja should not be tasted before.
  • We should also worship our account books. They should be placed in front of Goddess Lakshmi, but kept towards left.
  • Perform Goddess lakshmi’s aarti at the end of the Pooja along with your family.


  • Avoid drinking and eating non-veg on Diwali.
  • While buying gifts for family or friends, don’t choose leather items or cutlery. If you want to gift any of these accompany them with sweets.
  • Never leave Diwali Pooja in between.
  • Diyas should be kept lit throughout the night.
  • Goddess Lakshmi should always be kept along with her constant companion Lord Vishu.
  • Avoid clapping while singing aarti for Lakshmi ji. A small bell can be used.
  • Also, aarti should not be sung too loud, as it is said that Goddess Lakshmi hates Loud noise.
  • Do not light crackers while doing Lakshmipujan or immediately after it.