Elections over – Who’s going to clean the city now?


Political Party Posters in Ludhiana

Ludhiana saw 17th Lok Sabha elections being held in the city which people coming out of their homes to vote. But what they saw was the walls of streets covered with posters of various candidates. Street after street, wall after wall, wherever you go -just layers of posters pasted on every possible place.

While the pre-election campaigning allows candidates to campaign, nobody takes the responsibility of clearing up the mess. This has left the residents angry and in a helpless situation. The question here is if these candidates cannot abide by the law now, what should be expected of them if they get elected?

These posters violate the Punjab Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 1997. Some people are complaining to the MC which is supposed to get FIR registered against the candidates but the laws have always been twisted for political candidates.