Is it enough to have a single child?

Indian culture has witnessed the time of joint families where members of four generations lived under one roof.Then the shift came from joint to nuclear. Now with the trend of having one child or no child is surfacing in India, our linguistics need to coin new word for the family without children.

For the practical concerns, Both the parents are working. It becomes difficult to spend years after years on rearing the child, the responsibility of which ultimately falls on the shoulders of woman only, for which she has to make sacrifice for her career.

On monetary grounds, Life has become really expensive. With one child, parents can give best of the world to their child while enjoying balanced life devoting equal time to work, child and personal life, which is vice-versa with two children.

There was a time when parents used to consider their children a support system of their old age. They used to invest in their kids as an asset for frailing age. But it is a rat race generation. People are caught up in the vicious circle of garnering more and more wealth and power.They have no time to sit back and listen to themselves. How they could be expected to be obligated to look after their aged parents. For such reasons people don’t believe anymore in producing more than one child.

Recently I met a couple who had love marriage. Even after 10 years of their marriage, they have no child. On asking, they replied, ” It was a mutual decision before committing to each other that we will not have children. We invest in ourselves. We earn, spend, travel and live to the fullest.”

A lot has changed by the time. Earlier people lived in relationships, lived in bindings. But gradually the autonomous culture is getting its foot in Asian countries too. Now people find peace and solace in individuality.

Along with the benefits of sibling free childhood, it brings its own set of drawbacks also. Single child is pampered ones, easily become spoiled and undisciplined. They miss company and feel lonely.


The benefits of having two children stem in later years of life. It is like seed being sown for future harvest. Once they are grown up, siblings serve as an emotional support system not only for each other but for parents as well, whether they are in front of you or miles away. They ease loneliness and depression. Having a sibling always teaches the child about selfless love. They have always a very positive and healthier impact on the personality of both of them. They stand as pillars of support while dealing with family crisis.


There is not any emotional insurance for the uncertainties of life. But we cannot forget that everything happens with his permission. We never can plan births and deaths. It is He, the supreme power who does this. Future is incomprehensible for Humans. What we have in our hand is ,we just can follow our inner calling and go with the flow.