Ensure 100% Visa Success in Australia with Guidance of Girnar Global

Girnar Global Ludhiana

In the recent past, it has become a common practice for study abroad agents to route prospective study abroad applicants to study destinations like Canada and Europe citing difficulty and poor success rate as reasons in securing the Australian student visa. The students interested in studying in Australia are, often, misguided by study abroad agents who either don’t possess sufficient knowledge or experience in the field of their work.

In order to make it easier for students to fulfill their dreams of studying in Australia and in order to bust some common myths associated with Australian student visas, given below is a list of do’s and don’ts as recommended by experts in the field of study abroad consultancy:

  • If you’re serious about studying in Australia, one thing you would never consider doing is making a choice of studying in colleges in Australia. The choice of a college is big ‘NO’ as the visa refusal rates are high for students looking at studying in colleges in Australia. The right thing to do, instead, is to choose universities as your future study destination.
    In case there are any gaps, you need to justify them with proper reasons. If your reasons are genuine and you are able to justify gaps, there would be no reason for your visa to get refused. Consider the case of a student with a bachelor’s degree in 2002 who successfully received the student visa to Australia under the able guidance of Girnar Global, the award-winning study abroad consultants.
  • The choice of a program that you are going to pursue in your study destination must be supported by a proper logic. You can’t really pretend to be a serious student by choosing programs that speak otherwise like cookery, air conditioning, refrigeration or diplomas of any sorts for that matter.
  • What you must remember is that every university in Australia has different admission and financial criteria. There is no one-size-fits-all rule and the reason many study abroad agents discourage students from applying to Australian universities is the inadequate knowledge they possess.
  • In order to maximize your chances of visa success in Australia, there has to be a strong focus on the Statement of Purpose (SOP). The worst thing to do is to submit a generic SOP. An extensive research must be involved while drafting an SOP and points like reasons for choosing a given university over other universities, detailed career plan, financials, etc must be mentioned explicitly. It is for the same reasons listed here, the team at Girnar Global focuses on creating a detailed SOP of minimum 6-8 pages for their clients.
  • If you think you can go unprepared for your interview and still crack the same by giving generic answers, you’re highly mistaken. Like everything else that is a part of visa application, you need a thorough preparation for your interview to be able to successfully crack it.
  • Spouse visas are very much possible and for you to qualify for the same, you need to read the guidelines properly as rules vary for different universities. While some universities require your marriage to be one year old, others demand that you should be married for at least two years. Likewise, some institutes may have the graduation of a spouse as one of the pre-requisites.
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