Garbage dump reeks of MC apathy

Despite cases of dengue being reported, officials have turned a blind eye to insanitation near Civil Hospital

Garbage Dump
A garbage dump near Civil Hospital invites diseases.

Despite cases of dengue and chikungunya being reported in Ludhiana, the Municipal Corporation (MC) has chosen to remain a mute spectator to junkyards that spill over to roadsides.

A stinking garbage dump on the road leading from Field Ganj to the Civil Hospital shows the apathy of the authorities. “Dogs frequently rummage through this garbage dump and litter the garbage all around,” says a shopkeeper of the area. Foul smell emanates from the dump, he adds.

“The other day I saw water had collected in the plastic bags and other junk in the dump. What makes the authorities think that it will not be a breeding site for dengue-causing mosquitoes?” asks another shopkeeper.

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