The crime in Ludhiana is on rise. Safety of women has become an issue. Girls need to follow certain safety hacks to keep yourself protected. Following are certain safety tips girls need to follow.

1 Self defense Training

Self defense training is very important. Women should learn certain types of self defense techniques which can be very helpful in certain cases.

2 Safety on the web

Cyber crimes are also on rise these days. Safety on web is also an important thing to be look upon. You should not give any personal information on the web or upload anything personal on the web. Do not share anything personal with some stranger on the web.

3 Pepper Spray

Do not carry a bag without a pepper spray in it. It can be greatly helpful when you need to escape. Always carry it with you and use it when needed.

4 Be Attentive.

While you are walking, or anywhere unknown always be alert and attentive about surroundings. Always be cautious regarding your surroundings.

5 Don’t give any personal information :-

Never give any personal information to anyone and also don’t talk very loud while you are on the phone. Try to be cautious regarding what you should reveal or not.

6 Don’t Drink

Don’t Drink with any stranger and also do not drink anything if someone offers to you at party or disco. Learn to say NO. Try avoiding alcohol at unknwon event or party.

7 Near Exit

When ever travelling on the bus, train always try to sit near the exit so that in case of emergency one can escape easily.

8 Be confident and Assertive

Your body language say more than your words do. Always be confident and assertive in your approach. Display a very strong attitude. Never display yourself as an easy target.

9 Keep your family updated

Whenever travelling alone keep your family and guardians always updated about your whereabouts. If you are travelling on the car, send your family the number so that they could trace you in case of emergency.

10 Avoid Crowded Places:-

Always try to avoid the crowded places. Most of the cases of molestation happens at these type of places so try to avoid.

So girls stay protected and follow this safety tips there is someone out there waiting for you at home.

Stay you ,,,,,,,,,,,Stay Safe girls.