Giving Wings to his Dream: A Punjabi Farmer builds and flies aeroplanes

“Passion is the driving force behind any successful venture” a quote that stands true for some of the highly passionate dreamers. One such story is of Mr Yadwinder Singh, a farmer from Punjab, who had a dream of building aeroplanes since he was a child. A resident of Siriewala village of Bathinda, he has been building aeroplanes in his house using polystyrene thermacol and electrical engines.

In his interaction, he told that in 2007 he visited England, the UK where he saw an air show which re-ignited his dream of building aeroplanes. With the help of Internet and All-India Aero-modeling Institute in Delhi, Yadwinder Singh learned about flying theory. He and his sons are now developing various aeroplanes in their village using various products like thermacol, engine and batteries (brought from China). Apart from his dream, his sons are also studying aeronautical engineering and aim to make their future in this field only.