All Government Officials to Desist from burning Paddy Stubble and Straw

Stubble Burning

Ludhiana – Deputy Commissioner Mr. Pardeep Kumar Agrawal has informed that the Punjab government has issued instructions to the employees of various departments, boards, corporations, cooperative societies etc making them accountable for burning any paddy stubble/straw on the farms owned or cultivated by them.

Mr. Agrawal informed that the Punjab government has issued strict instructions to all departments that in addition to ensuring that they themselves do not indulge in straw burning, these employees have also been directed to create awareness amongst the farmers about the ill-effects of stubble burning causing irreversible damage to nature, environment and human health.

He further said that in case any employee fails to comply with these directions then disciplinary proceedings under the Service Rules would be initiated against such delinquent employees. These officials have also been mandated to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities about any incident of stubble burning across the state.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Pardeep Kumar Agrawal further informed that there has been a considerable decrease in incidents of burning of paddy straw in 928 villages of Ludhiana district. He stated that last year, 735 incidents of burning of paddy straw were reported, while the incidents were 1240 in the year 2016.

He said that the District Administration is making extra efforts to ensure that farmers are educated about the ill effects of burning of paddy straw. He stated that to keep constant vigil over this issue, nodal officers have been appointed for all villages and a cluster officer has been appointed to supervise the working of 20 such nodal officers. The cluster officer is supervised by BDPO or an SDM level officer.

He stated that for the purchase of machinery for the effective management of paddy straw, all the applications received till August 24, 2018, have been approved by the department for farmers/farmers societies.