Halloween Party Celebrated at Hotel in Ludhiana

Ludhiana – With scary music, soft lights, costumes, food and drinks it was celebrations time for Halloween day at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana Celebrated on October 31, people host costume parties, play ‘trick-or-treat’, watch horror films, visit haunted houses or carve lanterns out of pumpkins. This year, the horror night was on Wednesday but the scary buffet spread and décor at Café Delish restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana was talk of the town.

The culinary team headed by Executive Chef Amit Thapliyal and pastry chef Amit Porwal displayed the best of the Halloween menu. Starting from the market Soup Thyme infused pumpkin soup, Chicken egg drop soup, Assorted bread rolls and loaf were followed by starters and salad dishes like devil egg, Bloody marry shooters, 6 varieties of dressing/two lettuce /dice cut cucumber /carrot/pimentos/ yellow peppers/ Two sprouts /green peas /cherry tomatoes/ zucchini. The Live – Carving, Roasted chicken with red wine jus, Kaffir lime infused fish and Bheja fry madira masala was another addition in Halloween theme.

General Manager of the hotel Abhay Kumar said, “ People of Ludhiana are widely travelled and their exposure to international festivals and days are much more than the people of another towns. He said best Halloween décor, haunted house, theme, face paint, soft music and best part was creativity with dishes.

He said authentic Main Course dishes were followed by Halloween Dessert Club including Pearls in bloody pond, Skull pops, Spider cookies, Deadly red velvet mousse cake, Red velvet Mummies, Spider web Fruit custard (Sugar free, Gluten free), Monster cup cakes, Tombstone Mud slice, Ghost Orange Cake, Tiramisu graveyard (Cake), Brain petit fours, Brownie coffins, Chocolate hazelnut bat cake, Ghost rum balls Almond Finger and Spider Cake slice.” he further added