Haunted Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh the beautiful city which is the capital of Punjab has a lot in store for people. We Ludhianvis are in a habit of visiting Chandigarh for every little thing.  Though Ludhiana is no less but this outing sector is loved by all.  Chandigarh is not only the city beautiful but a haunted city actually. There are a number of places there which are quite scary. Given below are some of them.


Haunted House- Sector 16

Haunted House in Sector 16 is quite a scary place. People say different stories about it but one which is maximumly believed is that a student committed suicide at this place years back. The spirit of that student roams there. In fact, this place is regarded as the most haunted place in India.


Chandigarh Railway Guest House

Who can think that a place which is so enormously populated will be one of the haunted places! The Chandigarh Railway Guesthouse has a room which is known to be haunted. A great number of people have observed some abnormal activities in one of the rooms. There is a creepy spirit inside the room which has been reported to peep inside the bathroom when anyone is taking a shower.


Panjab University

The very famous Panjab University is also a part of the haunted places in Chandigarh. Actually, some areas of the university have been reported to witness paranormal activity. According to sources, the trees near the Law Department and the Botanical Gardens within the campus are haunted. It is known that bats reside in these trees which come out at night, and many people have also seen apparitions come out of these trees at night time.


Savitri Bhai Phule Hostel, University Road

This is another place where students have seen spirits that too without heads. They are noticeable from windows of some hostel rooms. A few inhabitants of the hostel have stated about the same to the authorities concerned regarding these acts.


Kasauli Graveyard

Kasauli Graveyard is situated on Kasauli Chandigarh Road. It is a common spot for encountering spirits. Frequent individuals have complained that they have seen ghosts in and around the spot.

Thus these are some of the places which you should avoid visiting as it can be dangerous for you.



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