Health Day Celebrated by School in Ludhiana

Health Day Celebrated by School with Indian Dietetic Association in Ludhiana. No of activities were carried out in various schools in Ludhiana to mark this day. Mrs. Ritu Sudhakar, President, Ludhiana Chapter of IDA said that it is very important that school children be educated about importance of healthy eating habits and also safe food handling inorder to improve their own health and also to ward off diseases arising due to unsafe food handling practices.

IDA members, under the able guidance of Mrs Ruma Singh (vice president IDA Ludhiana ) and Dr.Jaspreet kaur (General Secretary of IDA Ludhiana ), volunteered and delivered talks on various topics such as Nutritios Food, Safe food Handling, Healthy cooking practices etc. Students were also taught as to how to detect adulteration amongst common foods using easily available testing material. They were explained the importance of reading nutrition labels available on commercially available pre prepared foods so as to enable them to make healthy choices. Quiz was also carried out to make the sessions more interactive. Beautifully designed, attractive and informative handouts prepared by IDA members were distributed amongst the students .

Similar activities were carried out in many schools of Amritsar by the IDA members .
As an endeavour to impart and promote health and hygiene education amongst various sections of the society, this initiative shall continue throughout this week to cover maximum number of schools.