Is it Healthy to express your Inner Feelings?

Is it Healthy to express your Inner Feelings

Healthy Communication, Trust, Understanding and Love are the four pillars of any relationship. Just in case, one of the pillars loses its impact the whole relationship starts to stumble. And to keep the relation ongoing, healthy and happy, Effective Communication plays a vital role.

Expressing your feelings in the right way to the right person can strengthen the relationship and vice versa. Many people often use such phrases like “Communication is the key to a healthy relationship”, “Share your feelings”, and “Talk it out until the issue is resolved”, but, is it really helpful? Or sometimes over-communication only tangles the situation?

Do people listen to understand or they just pretend to listen?

Nowadays, the real meaning of Communication is losing its meaning because not everybody wants to listen and understand the hidden feeling behind. Many psychologists and therapists reveal the ultimate reason behind unhealthy and broken relationships is the lack of right communication.

Studies state that there are three major setbacks which make the communication unhealthy, unproductive and unaccepting:

  1. People are unaware of their feelings.
  2. People express their thoughts but not emotions.
  3. People usually escape, suppress or repress their feelings.

Are you falling in any of the above reasons?

Also, do you know inexpression of feelings lead to physical and mental diseases?

Expression of Emotions is essential for the well-being of a person, physically and mentally. Relationship Experts and Advisors believe that unexpressed feelings often lead to anger, frustration, sadness, and hurt which may, in turn, give rise to physical and mental ailments.

Wondering what is the solution behind?

It’s high time to prevent yourself from falling in to the communication trap and start walking on the right track. The effective way to communicate is to understand the behavioural patterns and the level of the sensitivity the other person holds. Men usually find themselves comfortable in sharing their deep emotions with their romantic partners, whereas, women look out for close friends or family members to communicate. Therefore, the hint is: Find a right person and right words to express your inner emotions and keep yourself healthy and sound.

Next time you find yourself suppressing your feelings, Don’t Wait, Think Again, and Communicate!