Is human life of no importance?


In spite of the fact that health is a basic necessity of any human being, the provision of good and affordable medical facilities for masses is still a distant dream in our country. Urban cities have access to medical facilities and qualified doctors which are often quite expensive while people in rural areas and smaller cities suffer due to the unavailability of the same.

According to statistics, urban areas have 58% qualified doctors and the percentage is as low as 18.8% in rural areas. There is a huge shortage of well-qualified nurses and doctors in India. Surprisingly, 67% of our country’s population still lives in rural areas which are hugely neglected. While talking about government hospitals, the general sight is of long waiting lines, shabbily kept surroundings, untrained staff and lack of proper equipment. Many tests cannot happen because of the lack of facilities and medicines.

In such a situation, people hailing not only from rural but also from smaller cities are forced to rush to large cities for treatment and healthcare. This becomes a massive obstruction for those who cannot incur the expenses of travelling to a city and expensive hospitals. In addition to this, the privatized hospitals are profit driven and charge huge lumps of money for basic treatments.

The government allocated merely 0.9% of GDP for the health sector, according to the National Health Policy. Policies formulated to continue to neglect the plight of the common man. No heed is being paid by the government to improve health care facilities. The question is – Is health such a minor issue that it is okay to keep quiet about it?#neglectedhealthcare