Illegal hooter in vehicles, inform cops on Facebook


Ludhiana traffic police have devised a new strategy to curb the use of illegal hooters by motorists. To tightern the noose around such violators, the force has requested citizens to complain against vehicles having hooters on its Facebook page.

Following the appeal that was made recently, the traffic wing has received more than 20 responses against people using hooters. Though the department has informed complainants on Facebook that it has acted against many vehicles following the complaints, it has also clarified that it has not been able to act in some cases due to unavailability of records regardings the vehicles.

The initiative has received the residents’ thumbs-up, but also gotten some positive criticism. “Any shortcoming in the system like this should be sealed to keep things manageable. Good work! Keep trying harder,” wrote Ashutosh Rai, a Facebook user, on the traffic police page.Some citizens also have suggestions for traffic police on the issue. “If hooters are illegal, also find out where they are purchased from. Police need to have a control on the sellers too,” wrote one Kanwar Sumit Singh.