In his maiden Lok Sabha speech, Bhagwant Mann talked about the issues in Punjab

AAP Leader Bhagwant Mann gave his first speech in Lok Sabha TV yesterday. He started
his sppech saying tthat there have been only two leaders in the history – Shri Guru Gobind
Singh Ji and Bhagat SIngh. He talked about a few issues about Punjab in his speech.
Here’s what he said:
● The farmers in Punjab are under debts and are committing suicide.
● The land of five rivers will soon be an area with water shortage as groung water
levels go further down
● Punjabis used to be famous for joining army but umemployment has driven these
people out of the country to Saudi Arabia and Armenia where they are forced to do
less-paying jobs for earning livelihood
● A total of 2000 people died in Jallianwala Bagh incident which added fire to the
independence movement. However, today our youth is making plans to move to
foreign countries. Youth is going back to those people whom we actually kicked out
of our country
● A boy fell in 120 feet deep borewell and NDRF (National Disaster Response Force)
said that they don’t have equipment to dig more than 40 feet.
● Industries should be set up in Punjab so that youth works in the state instead of
going to other places.