Indoor stadium Ludhiana: A sports stadium with no sport being played.

Indoor stadium

No mater how ironical the headline may sound, It is definitely true!

Its been more than one and a half year since former deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal Inaugurated the Indoor Sports stadium at Pakhowal road Ludhiana calling it a ” Big milestone for sports in Punjab”. Since then this mega infrastructure has been hosting concerts, social events, school functions and what not. But one thing which the stadium has not seen is the presence of sports persons and sporting activities. How unfortunate it is that the stadium was built with a cost of worth 85 crores which was spent from the budget for youth and sports in Punjab but that very purpose of the stadium was lost the day after it was inaugurated.

sports persons were quite hopeful and were expecting various Indoor sports facilities before the inauguration while no one actually knew what is going to be inside it. the suspense got over with a huge disappointment when it became clear that the stadium can just host basketball matches and no other sports as the rest of the space was allocated for commercial shops.

The worst part is that sports persons are not even allowed to enter the stadium. According to the reports, there is enough space in the stadium to provide a regular practice space for sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics but the administration and MC has failed completely to plan out its feasibility.

In April last year various questions were raised by media, players and opposition towards the Municipal corporation about the maintenance and the purpose of spending 85 crore replying to which in a diplomatic way the former MC commissioner Jaskiran Singh said, “If sports persons feel it has not been constructed as per specifications, they should come to me. We will visit the stadium and carry out amendments as per the requirement of indoor games. If a huge investment has been made by the government, it should benefit sports lovers.”. This promise however also remained unfulfilled since then and the MC commissioner got transferred.

As MC elections approach in the city, youth must take it up as an election issue and must ask about the future of this stadium made for the youth of Ludhiana from prospective mayor candidates and parties.