Jalandhar police arrested kidnappers asking for Rs 10 lakh ransom


Accused Arrested

Recently, the police commissioner of Jalandhar arrested three kidnappers who were giving threat calls to Om Prakash, a jeweller of Jalandhar. As per the information, the mob gave threat calls to Om Prakash about kidnapping his son if he didn’t give a ransom of Rs 10 Lakh. When contacted by the police, they said that after arresting the group they found a fake revolver, activa, mobile phone and other weapons.

Believing the statement, the kidnappers were repeatedly calling the jeweller asking for Rs 10 lakh as ransom money. Threatening about kidnapping his son, they stole his activa and said if he didn’t give the money then next is his son. Alarmed by the threat, Om Prakash left a bag of Rs 50,000 (saying Rs 6Lakh) in a plant near Multiplex at Amritsar road, Jalandhar.