Kabir Singh- An utterly misogynist and terribly violent film says Vani Tripathi


Kabir Singh- An utterly misogynist and terribly violent film says Vani Tripathi

Kabir Singh, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, is all set to enter 100 crore club any time soon. The viewers are loving the movie, its songs and the shady, overly-destructive, and arrogant character of Shahid Kapoor. But, some of the critics have a different opinion about the movie. Pointing out its violent and extremely misogynist side, TV Actor and CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) member Vani Tripathi Tikoo slammed Kabir Singh in her tweet.

She tweeted:
“I’m serious about this thought that Misogyny is “Infectious” have been noticing the narrative around #KABIRSINGH past few days..What a terribly misogynistic and extremely violent film! Arjun Reddy was bad enough and now this remake! Am I surprised it’s doing well …Well Well!”

“I find it baffling that “Big Stars” make these choices who actually lead by Example! As the Cinematic journey of the country has gone beyond its “Traditional” Women as “Eye Candy” routine. Can we remember how movie characters are idolised? #StopMisogyny #KabirSingh”

“Someone asked me after my last post what’s wrong with an Actor choosing a role? Dear pal, there is never a wrong or a right it’s the choices that you make on-screen to portray is what defines who you are! A character is only a piece of written paper if not enlivened by an actor!”

For your information, the movie was given “A” certificate by CBFC and has been severely criticised for showcasing toxic masculinity and spreading a misleading character image. According to the CBFC website, although scenes involving drug abuse and cussing have been altered, there have been no changes made to scenes involving violence against women, which is the main concern of the critics.

Not only CBFC member but Shobhaa De, one of the renowned columnist and novelist, also bashed the movie in her tweet saying “I refuse to watch ‘Kabir Singh’, much as I admire Shahid Kapoor. Stalking is stalking. No justification. Zero tolerance recommended.”