Kala Shah Kala Punjabi movie to review love in its truest sense this Valentine’s… Are you guys’ excited?

kala Shah Kala

Punjabi movie ‘Kala Shah Kala’ starring Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Jordan Sandhu, Karamjit Anmol, Shehnaz Gill, and Harby Sangha is coming to this Valentine to entertain all their fans in a unique way.

Directed by Amarjit Singh the Upcoming Punjabi film “Kala Shah Kala” is produced by Harsimran Dhillon, GS Dhillon, Navaniat Singh, Achal Kaushal, Karan Soni, and Binnu Dhillon.

Kala Shah Kala movie that is set to release on 14th February 2019 has already with its trailer brought the fun levels at peak. If you haven’t yet reviewed watch online the trailer of Kala Shah Kala Punjabi movie starring Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta together in the lead roles. As per the trailer, the movie Kala Shah Kala’s story revolves on love triangle played by Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta and Jordan Sandhu.

Sargun Mehta is seen in the funniest and cutest chucklesome comic role in the movie whereas Binnu Dhillon a quite talented personality of Pollywood industry is too performing on amazing heights. The attempts he presents in the movie to find love for life or maybe just a girl whom he can love to the core are hysterical. Jordan Sandhu who recently has entered in the Punjabi film industry is doing great with his acting. We hope he along with his acting, dancing, and singing will once again in the movie Kala Shah Kala entertain his fans.

Binnu Dhillon who is playing as Naag and Sargun Mehta who is playing Pammi with their names too are quite entertaining as the names are perfectly relatable to their roles. In Kala Shah Kala film Binnu Dhillon who tries to look handsome turns the table for himself having left with the blackish face. On one side where Sargun Mehta as Pammi desire not to have Binnu Dhillon as her life partner ends up being friends with him and in the end gets married to him.

Twist part comes in the movie where Jordan Sandhu makes his entry and took away the love and heart of Sargun Mehta and her family. But interesting how both of them that is Naag and Pammi end together getting married though the love happens to be between Jordan Sandhu and Sargun Mehta. All will be revealed after the release of the movie.So, are you guys waiting and excited or not?

Moreover, in actual where everyone is destined to play their roles significantly in either their personal or professional life it is also Sargun Mehta’s role in Kala Shah Kala movie that was destined to play Pammi. She said, “When, Amarjit Singh wrote ‘Kala Shah Kala’ and, interestingly, he narrated it to me before anybody else. I had really liked the story but could not say yes because I had already committed to some other projects. There’s an incident from during the shoot of Jindua which I recall now and realize that this was meant to be my role all along. I was asked by a fan what’s my next project. I had signed nothing so I just said ‘Next film???…’ and suddenly Kala Shah Kala song started playing in the background. I still have that video with me. I may have realized it quite late but I was meant to play Pammi all along”

Releasing under Naughty Men Productions and Infantry Pictures the film desire your utmost attention and love in the theatre rooms, not just for Kala Shah Kala’s Box Office Collection hit but because they believe the movie is presented for the love of the audience. So, watch the Pollywood movie Kala Shah Kala that is one of its kind on 14th February 2019.