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Kalvari Church

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Kalvari Church Ludhiana

Kalvari Church situated in the heart of Ludhaina, the richest industrial town of Punjab, stands a silent witness to the many ups and downs of history faced by the land of Five Rivers. The Church, Popularly knwn as the Mother Church in North India, is possibly the oldest Church in this region having the largest congregation.

The First messanger of love who landed at Ludhiana on 5.11.1834 was Rev. John C. Lowrie an American Presbyterian Missionary, sent by the Western Foreign Missionary Society of Pittsburgh. He came to India with his wife and another missionary couple Rev. & Mrs. William Reed, but owing to ill health Rev. Mrs. Reed had to returnto U.S.A and Mrs.Lowrie died at Calcutta. Rev. Lowrie established a permanent mission at Ludhiana in 1834. And so began the story of the birth of The Church which later would be erected, enlarged and in our times would be Christened as the Kalvari Church.