Kareena Wanted to Date Rahul Gandhi- revealed in an Old Video

Kareena Rahul

Chandigarh: Recently, an old video of Kareen Kapoor Khan has been found in which she is sharing her views on dating Rahul Gandhi.

Many years ago, she went to a very famous talk show Rendezvous with Simmi Grewal, in which she showed her interest and liking for Rahul Gandhi. She also said that it would be interesting to see how they both bond as she comes from an acting family and he is into politics. She said that they will have a lot of topics to discuss and it would be interesting to date a man like him.

On the contrary, after many years, she denied her words and said that “the topic is very old now, I would like to see him as a PM of the country, but dating him is not possible.”

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