He is an Inspiration to Human Being

Kawal Chhabra loves spending time with Kids.
Kawal Chhabra – A Ludhianvi enjoying Burger with Kids.

A Ludhiana Resident & Social Activist, Mr.Kawal Chhabra is an Inspiration to thousands of people who want to do something for Society but aren’t able to, due to their Busy Lifestyle.

“We here on Planet have some roles defined by the Government of God. If we are unsuccessful in doing what for we were sent means we have to take rebirth to fulfill that” says Kawal Chhabra in an Conversation with Team Ludhiana Live.

“Life is Short and is meant to Enjoy & live in Happiness. To find Happiness you do not have to go somewhere. It’s in you. To Live Happy Life, Just start Sharing your moments with the People of God. The Happiness will come automatically towards you” he said while enjoying a Burger with these Kids & doing a Selfie Run at a Burger Point in Model Town Extension, Baba Deep Singh Chowk.