Do you know Ludhiana is Famous for which industry and why?

Ludhiana Smart City

Ludhiana, the Manchester of India, the industrial hub of Punjab, is often regarded as the Smart City of the country. Known for its rich culture, heritage and population, this city is marking its presence as one of the fast developing cities of India. However, do you know which industry rules this beautiful city of Punjab?

Where Amritsar is famous for traditional apparels, Patiala for “Patiala Shahi Pagg”, Ludhiana is known as the “Industrial capital of Punjab” where you will find small as well as big industries of machine parts, auto parts, household appliances and many more. However, the city is dominated by the Hosiery sector which specializes in woollen sweaters and cotton T-shirts. Rooting back from 15th century under the name “Lodhiana” after then ruler, this city is flourishing from the last couple of decades. There are more than 40,000 small, medium and large scale industries in the city for hosiery where production, supply and retail are carried forward. Every year, people from all over the country visit Ludhiana to shop for warm, soft and trendy woollen sweaters in winters and light-weight, cool and quality t-shirts in the summer.

Known for offering one of the largest distribution channels in the country, Ludhiana has grown to mammoths proportions in 100 years having massive modern units like Oswal & Shingora sending their goods & services to the entire country.

Often it is said that Ludhianvis have a right eye, perfect creativity and knowledge to transform the yarn into a beautifully knit sweater, t-shirt or pullover which never fails to impress and now when the country is already in its development mode, this city is speeding up its pace and offering varied options to its citizens to enhance their skills. To cater to the demands of buyers, the industry is actively working with high-tech machines, employing skilled workers and setting up more units so as to mark its importance all over the world.

Saying so, Ludhiana is not only spreading its roots in the Hosiery sector, but is actively participating and dominating other industries like auto parts, IT, trading, food and entertainment, and many more. So, are you ready to see the city in the Top 10 best cities of India? Because, to be honest, the day is not so far!