Last Warning to Punjab’s Citizens – Save Water or Be ready to live in a Desert


Last Warning

The water crisis in India is the latest hot topic which is catching the attention of the government as well as citizens of the country. Predictions are saying that more than 21 cities in India will lose groundwater by 2020. Talking about the condition in Punjab, the situation isn’t really happy rather worsening day by day. There are news of leakages, wastage of drinking water for car washing,  and misuse of resources flooding in the market. But, aren’t you feeling scared?


The groundwater level in Punjab is touching the break-even point and by 2020 it will finish if the conditions remain the same.  Due to the current rate of usage, Punjab will become a water-starved state or you can say more of a desert but solely the government isn’t responsible. The citizens of Punjab are using water mindlessly and recklessly, they are not even looking at options to tackle the situation which may deplete the resource completely. On one side, the government is putting efforts to control the situation, now its time for citizens to become serious and take an initiative to save water otherwise the day is not far when the state of five rivers will become a desert.