Latest and full Updates for the women Gang Rape case Ludhiana!!

Gang Rape Case

Coupled together they were not aware of the situation to come ahead. Saturday evening a girl and a boy who were roaming around the city Ludhiana celebrating the occasion of Chocolate day made their lives harm a lot.

The whole situation in the context of the recent Ludhiana Gang rape case is on the way to the celebration the couple were attacked by 5 persons who stopped their car, broke the mirrors and harassed them. The couple was first asked for a bribe of 2 lakhs to leave them.

Thereafter, the situation got worse as those 5 persons were joined later on by 7 more persons. Making it a total of 12 to 2.

The boy got beaten up totally to save the girl and his life. Even the couple to not get away by any means, the attackers broke the car and made the conditions worse to drive that car. There was made no way available for the couple to run as the place was also open and wide to hide.

The couple was thereafter taken to a farmhouse where the boy was again beaten up and was thrown in a condition where all his senses were unresponsive. Further, the girl, as usual, became the main victim in the whole case.

She got raped by 12 different persons and was left afterward.

The couple and family registered the case to the police. At first, the girl made a statement that they were asked for the bribe but later she opened up the rape case. Later on, the whole medical process got done on her and she helped to make sketches of the attackers.

As per clues and information being jotted by Police officers 16 is a number of suspects they identified and shortlisted whereas 12 are victims.

Professionals and Technical teams are on duty to the case. It is expected that soon enough the culprits or victims will get arrested and punished.

Also, a resident from Isewal Ludhiana named Gurpreet is arrested by police today. The further verifications are being done yet nothingis confirmed.

Family and Wife of Gurpreet stated that his husband Gurpreet was with them on Saturday.

After verification only anything can be made clear. Stay tuned for more updates on the rape case.