Let all the days be celebrated as Women’s Day

Women’s day is a day to spread cheers in the lives of women who are spreading there happiness all over.  This day is observed on 8th March every year. While we celebrate Women’s day and remember all the great women, where is the respect and humanity gone after that? It actually gets finished. On Women’s Day, we honor women and rest of the year we see people around us neglecting women and ill-treating them. This is something negative and we people should stop this deed. In spite of being hypocrites let us all show the real face of ourselves.

Female Foeticide is still a part of our society

The major issue of society is female foeticide.  On one hand we celebrate Women’s Day and on the other hand, we kill the females who are in the wombs of there mother.  The would-be mothers even don’t think for a moment and go for this act just because they have a greed to give birth to a son. Even you can observe a number of little girls being found in dustbins and orphanages. Where does our generosity go when we get involved in this act? This is an alarming situation and we definitely need to give a thought to it.

Other social evils 

All around the year, we listen to news which explains women being killed or burned for dowry.  Even we hear about women being sold by parents for the sake of money. To the more number of rapes are also increasing every day.  This situation of rapes has actually scared the women and they don’t want to move out of there shell.

So Whats the fun of celebrating Women’s Day when our kindness and humanity against women is finished all around the year?  This is actually a drama.

Thus its high time that we women should take a stand against all this and make our presence positive ones in the society.

So lets us all pledge this Women’s Day to make every day a brighter and better day for all the females around the World.

Let every day be a Women’s Day.