Let Us Remember Sridevi With Her Movies

Sridevi as we all know has ruled the Bollywood industry since she was 4. She has given her entire life to acting; from the age of 4 to the age of 54; she has had it all. She has been a beauty throughout and has inspired many young girls to fulfill their dreams. She has given the industry some really amazing movies. So, as a tribute let us remember her finest creations.


This film gave Sridevi a lot of love and fame. Her attire attracted everyone and she slayed it with her acting.

English Vinglish

This movie was the one which portrayed Sridevi as a mother who loved her children but wasn’t able to match pace with them because of the fact; that she did not know English. This was a beautiful depiction of a mother who was trying to fill the gap and making her children realize her importance.


This movie was one of those which made Sridevi stand out and brought out the strength a woman has. This was a beautiful yet very strong depiction of a mother who could go to any extent to save her child.


This movie did give Sridevi an edge as it showed her versatility and talent.

Mr. India

This was one of the most popular movies done by Sridevi. It was a big hit and Sridevi got a lot of fame and recognition by this film.

Her journey has been beautiful throughout and now it’s time for her daughters to shine. She was a shy and a reserved person but; her on set energy and transition left everyone aghast. It was her charm, beauty, charisma and talent that made her stand out. Her contribution towards the industry has been immense and she has made her mark. The entire nation will remember her and respect her for her work.

RIP Sridevi. You will be remembered and loved.

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