Ludhiana Bus Stand and The Service

Ludhiana Bus Stand has been serving the city for decades now. The Punjab Roadways started back in the year 1948 with a fleet of 13 buses. The buses move to various cities starting from Ludhiana. The Ludhiana bus stand has variety of buses that are running to serve the people. The bus stand has Volvos, Ac buses and normal buses for the service of the people. Now, Punjab Roadways have expanded to such an extent that they have around 868 buses moving towards different cities.

The Ludhiana bus stand has seen a lot of development over the years and is heading towards more. If we look closely, we will find that still there is a lot that has to be done. There needs a better management of the buses, so that we could get the correct information. This is because, many a times; due to lack of information we tend to miss the buses. There are certain sanitation issues as well in the bus stand which need to be looked at. Though the management is doing a great job with the city and the public spots, yet a little more needs to be done.

So, if we all want a city of our dreams and want to make it look like the way we want, a few steps will have to be taken. Let us take a few steps by not littering the place so that, the place is saved from dirt. We also need to complain to the municipal corporation for the problems that we face in our day to day life. Because, if we really want to bring about a change; then we will have to step forward.

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