Has ludhiana come of age lately?

Superstitions and Idol worshipping have been a part of our Indian society since ages. It is not something which we learn at certain age rather such practices are passed down from generation to generation. These beliefs are not guided by any scientific reasoning or logic rather we tend to follow them just making a beeline. It’s a human nature to look to easy solutions to the problem, when dark clouds of grief start hovering rather than combating a situation which makes him approach the god for his solutions. As time passed many educational and awareness campaigns have come up, many articles were jotted down to enlighten the people on this subject. But on the positive note, Recently last Monday which is considered as the day of Lord Shiva ,In a local temple when people visits to pay obeisance by offering the god milk, fruits and other things. Some worshippers were witnessed distributing milk among the poor standing outside the shrine rather than pleasing their God. Being influenced with them, some just kept packets of milk near the Shivling instead of pouring it on so that it could be used for needy ones after the morning rituals.

It’s really a happy moment for all of them who has been struggling for so long to make the people step out of their dark beliefs. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Service to mankind is a service to God.” It’s pleasing to see that Ludhiana people are reforming their mindset and acknowledging the fact that God loves only those who help their fellowmen. Though we are being educated and wise enough, still somewhere deep inside our hearts we are rooted in some of the superstitions, if not all. But we must understand that in the name of superstitions, we should not let our resources go wasted which are meant to feed needy ones. We should not let them dampen our thought system so much which debars us from loving mankind, which prevent us from being self reliant. The heart that could feel the plight of others,The eyes that could see the others’ misery, The life which is lived for others is worth living and is the one who is close to his God. In the end, I just wish to say that we must spurn our age old shackles of myths and work towards the betterment of humanity. Just love yourself and love mankind!!