Ludhiana is fast becoming a woman-centric hub

It has become a thing of past when Ludhiana was seen as a kind of society where woman’s first place was considered her home. But today we have a new picture of it in front of us. Nowadays, in every second house one can find a working woman. When it comes to work, she has several setbacks stacked on her way as she is trying to balance domesticity with work life. She is trying to carve her niche in men’s territory. But the inspiring ladies of our city have not only shined in their spheres with their grit and determination but also motivating everyone around. Well, the city has long list of women entrepreneurs who have made their mark nationally and internationally. Naming a few of them here, Mrs. Rajni Bector-The Cremica, Mrs.Vinu Kumar-The Holy Tree, Rijuta Jain-Rishika’s Sweet Temptations. Still it would be surprising for everyone to know that they have not only made their substantial presence felt in the corporate world but in the education sector too. Maximum numbers of schools in the city are administrated by Lady Principal.

The journey of Principal has always been riddled with many challenges as one has just not to govern an organization but also has to discipline the strength of students in lac.

Our team of Ludhiana Live has interviewed a few of them. Let’s see what they have to say about their professional voyage.

Dr.Paramjit kaur,Principal of BCM Shastri Nagar says, ”Put passion in to whatever you are doing, if that passion comes in your work, it will speak for itself.”

Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur  Sidhu,Principal of DAV Public School ,”Being a woman, it has not been challenging to handle  professional as well as personal life. But setting priorities, keeping limits, trying to strike a balance , it makes a good journey.”

It takes a lot of courage for a woman to make a dent. It needs a gutsy plunge to come out of her refuge. The journey of these prima donnas has not been easy but nothing could deter their indomitable spirit. It’s with their hard work they have reached where they are. People look up to them.  They believe, anything done with passion always pays off. And nothing can push you better than the voice that comes from within.

We are honored and proud to announce that we belong to the city of Self Sufficing Divas.