Ludhiana Gang rape case is not just 1 we have executed many – Accused !!

Rape CaseChastised the nation with darkness from past few days the only hope the only light source that can be seen were blessed candles tributing the sacrifices.

Firstly the Gang Rape case in Ludhiana, many accidents across the city, then the Pulwama attack made the city witnessed a dark period. Candle March carried out to pay to the condolences to injustice and ones sacrificed their lives.

Enumerating to that what the accused of the Ludhiana Gang rape case has to say is beyond limits.

“Ludhiana Gang rape case is not just 1 we have executed many.”

The recent Gang rape case of Ludhiana executed on the occasion of Chocolate day 9th February 2019 that stated of sexual molestation of a girl by 10 men. Till date 6 are identified as accused and are under police custody. The survivor with high courage and intelligence helped a lot to the case officials to crack the case soon but yet is still waiting for justice. However, while the accused in the case say we were just 6, not 10 men.

They further disclosed that previously as well, They have molested many girls in the same area of Isewal, in the same way, asked for money to them. They were successful and are 6 in a group. Moreover, no one complained or none case was registered by any of the previous victims. It is so shameful that no victim dared to file a case and more disgraceful is none come forward after the accused were under custody. The names are out with the pictures of accused, however, nobody dared to inform the police still.

Furthermore, they confessed the mistake this time they did was calling to one of the victims nearest and dearest who further filled a complaint against them and the whole case got the light of interrogation.

A blessing is the case got registered and interrogated to further actions.

Besides, above that, for justice now the DNA test will be done of the accusers for further investigation as testing is necessary to prove a charge of rape conclusively.